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I fear that not I care me enough

In these last few days I've noticed that I really do not care enough, neither physically nor mentally, my days of glory have disappeared, and my body knows it, every day I wake up very tired and fatigued without the urge to do something, my body has gained weight, my posture has declined to the point of having a hump, as a woman, I think that damages my appearance and I really feel very bad about it, I guess all of that is due to my sedentary lifestyle, my body is strange, and if I already know all I tell you to do exercise and I don't deny that I would love to do so many things, but the problem radiaca in my mind so weak that it is not able to overcome and change, I would like to hear your tips or experiences...


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The important thing you said in the first sentence. "I've noticed", that is the first step. Being aware that there is something that we must change to improve our bodies and minds. We are women so I assure you that all or at least most are in constant struggle to not gain weight. Already have you checked you if you don't have problems in the thyroid to see if that is causing the lack of energy?


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There are moments in the life of many people, in which they feel as well, it starts by the mind, and will follow and is a vicious circle. Take into account that you can't expect to solve the problems, while your body suffers the consequences, even if do not have the desire, start taking care of it, you can also have a liver problem, if the power is not good, this starts to give signals, at times, with fatigue and listlessness, but there can be many things, make a routine checkup, tell the doctor what happens to you to have any assessments, consultation on that exercise for you, although it's been a walk, if you do not want to or you can an hour, for half, if you don't want to leave, does something in your house ayudate with music, that is, the action will move around and the solution to your problem will be faster, there is so much about health, but start by something. Ste.


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As you say, you have to do exercise. But not only that, you should also change your diet: eat more vegetables and fruit. You don't push yourself much, start exercising slowly and you will see that when you have time you will feel much better, more happy and healthy. Don't give up, much encouragement!


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