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How to change habits pee-pee in adult dogs?

I have two dogs of 13 and 9 years and they are used to that when I have not been able to get to the street, they pee and poop in a backyard that I have. But I have a child that begins to walk and wants to go out in the yard and I have to be very aware of clean up before you leave. I would like to accustom the dogs to go pee on a deck I have or in a large sandbox that has made me my father. Can you advise? Bear in mind that it has been, for many years accustomed to this and that by circumstances, there are days that only I can go for a walk once a day


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It is very difficult to reducarlos to these heights, with patience try to teach them that they have to do in the sandbox, and while both quickly in the cleaning.


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