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I am colombian and I want to go to Europe

I am colombian and I want to go to Europe for tourism, I know that now have facilitated the process, and we can enter the Schengen area with only our passport, for three months. Does anyone can tell me the experience? I'm afraid to buy the plane ticket and that to refuse me the entry.


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I recommend that you visit the embassy of the country by which you are going to enter the European Union, for you to verify the entry requirements, and then you can already travel freely in the states of the Shengen Agreement. I last year I went through the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Only I was asked for a passport for a year, reason for your visit to the country (tourism), air ticket for return, the address (hotel in my case) that I was on my way, reservations of hotels (I had already been all planned and paid for), insurance type Shengen with coverage minimum of 30,000 to 50,000 euros (it costs like 80 dollars), and not to stay more than 90 days. There are countries that require you to a minimum of money in cash per day (for Example in the Netherlands I was told at the consulate that the minimum was 34 euros/day), or you have a card.


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