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My dog vomited what eats... why?

I tell them that my dog is a cross with the pekingese and is very active (too much) and is 10 months old. I'm a bit worried because two days ago you vomit what you eat as what you eat, but in the form of pure. The currently eat rice with minced meat, a week ago I ate pills dog (not the super cheap who do wrong. They were very good) . Eating pills I vomited but every once in a while I worry that it is now followed it once, yesterday 2 times. The this very well encourage you super happy and rebolea all sides your tail :), has hunger the eat without fear, but I am the one that is afraid to give. The eat too fast and while eating preciera that you think you are going to do after, super nervous.


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Apparently it is nothing of care. It is likely to be by it chokes. You can try giving him 3 ml of ranitidine syrup every 12 hours for 3-5 days. I hope with that better. I follow your orders.


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