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Required any degree to open a gym?

To open a gym, should have any degree the owner or any of its employees? If so, what degree is? Can have gyms with coaches (certification required) and gyms without the trainers (in which the client uses appliances you want to without more, without any professional tracking)?


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To open it, you don't need any qualifications, but to the workers who are in the gym if you need them, to not have people management or customer care. Qualifications must be commensurate to the activity they develop in the gym: monitor bodybuilding, pilates instructor, monitor spinning, etc... in Addition, these titles should be federated and logically approved to show greater reliability. Are not necessary either diplomas or bachelor's degrees even though, logically, showing a higher degree of reliability in the face to the public. In the municipal facilities even have staff entitled to retain, and to provide advice on the use of the machines. If it came out an inspection of work, always need someone entitled to work.


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