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Is wearing part acceleration sensor

Recently bought a 2nd hand car now I have 6 months warranty and the other day the pilot of sp and fault and the car went on to me not aleleraba. I to I shower mechanic is throttle sensor and that is a wearing part and does not warranty me as I can have it worn out if I've been with a week and not you made or 800 km could you tell me if this piece is wear or conversely I should not fix under warranty?


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What piece of wear? There are parts that wear out and others that are the consumables that are changed regularly. As consumables we have the timing belt, any board, spark plugs, air filter and oil and so on, as parts of "wear and tear" I think they are all parts that are replaced when doing a rebuild, rings, bushings, pistons, valves, etc., The electric and electronic parts are subject to fail but not to wear, because they are not perfect, When does it fail? There is usually no way of knowing it so that's why I don't see sense of that, you've been told.


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The theme of "wear parts" is a bottomless pit. It's what Castle so that the warranty covers virtually nothing. The best way to deal with this, is the hard, tell him that you're going to report to consumers, it is a wearing part Yes, but with the miles that you have not made have worn it. They have sold you a car with hidden defect and they have acted in bad faith and that is a crime. For good you've already gone and given esquinazo.


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