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What are the different ways to enter INEF?

My final note of TAFAD it comes to the note of court of the university to which I want to enter to make the career of Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport. I was wondering how I can enter in physical education without having to study again the subjects of high school for Selectivity, since they have already been years since that what I went through. In addition, they are talking about to remove the evidence of Selectivity in the coming year. On the other hand, is the sum of two grades of Vocational Training convalidarían for the entry in INEF? I have the Top Grade of TAFAD and I am considering getting my Top Grade of Nutrition and Dietetics. What I convalidarían some percentage of the college career so that you do not have to study the same subjects?


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You could go to the uni with the upper note. (There are places for those who go from upper)


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