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Where does the money of the CD KEYS we pay in video game platforms and the cheaper sites that also sell them?

I've recently taken up again the contact with the world of the video game and I'm fascinated at the same time overwhelmed by the HUGE amount of games, true masterpieces some (Inside, Valiant hearts, Limbo, Assassin's creed several, Unravel, and I accept opinions of others!) As well as the infinite variety of ways of paying for them or downloading them. Although I am partially in favor of piracy, properly understood, (argument): gives the right to the enjoyment of master pieces to people without income or with few resources, and you're NOT "stealing" anything, because the owner or creator still has it, and also being a lie that will decrease their revenue because a lot of people that are LOW, simply if I had to pay 30 euros, or even 15, it would not do, and point, by the poverty or selfishness or raterismo, that is, but not being available for free, people don't say Oh, so what I buy (sophistry of the sgae). It is ALSO a fact that if NO one pays, the creative is not live, and we VIVIVMOS thanks to the creative, so I also like to PAY (though you do not have a hard) a certain amount of money for these wonders... WHAT I'M GETTING: STEAM, UPLAY, ... gaming Platforms. Are expensive there. But less than if you bought the original, of course. KINGUIN, download web page under LICENSING fees of video games to STEAM, and for example ALLKEYSHOP another site where I check that there are licenses cheaper for OTHER platforms (such as UPLAY). The prices range for example in the title of VALIANT HEARTS, from 15 euros up to 6 by pulling down (the advertising promises 3,99 but then add the vat, the euro insurance against key failed, and other things, and almost doubles). Pay 3 to 10 euros for a GAME that is also a masterpiece of comic, done in a way so sublime and with so much sensitivity, I find it more than acceptable, but my question is, finally... Are you really that money, or part of it, the creators of the game? Or everything is included in laas companies that have made the August with the theme of platforms etc


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Usually the creators sell their ideas and product buyers are the people who distribute the Web because it is a very productive platform for sale


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