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My dogs are fighting several times a day

I have three dogs, bull dog French, two females and a withered sterilized. Four months ago my baby was born and we give all the attention to the small to a greater extent and in the same week both came in heat. There the problems started. Are mother and daughter and they had always gotten along very well, the daughter began to attack the mother because it is up in the legs of my husband, or when they visits, or was going to walk on her own, the return would be very aggressive with his mother. Now I can not get to anyone without a fight, my husband can not stay in the room alone with the daughter without the mother wants to fight, I am very worried and more than anything because it was very nice to have our dogs calm and knowing that we are sure that the baby could live in a future with them 100%, now I'm afraid of getting hurt. I've tried to apply the theory of to be the leader and to give priority to the mother as the dominant moment of receiving affection, food, etc And then to the daughter, but any affection that you receive daughter small becomes a major problem, and are starting to hurt, in addition to that by exercising my authority to the serpararlas the mother I have growl twice, not sure if this is normal or a sign of alarm. I thought to sterilize them but if this does not work no more I'm going to be able to do. Note: The male does not engage in brawls, or is a cause of fights.


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First of all clarify that bitches in heat are more "aggressive" so to speak, because their hormones are also revolutionizing. On the other hand we go to the topic that is most important, that is the dominance. It is clear that your dogs feel jealous of the newcomer, there is no doubt. The right thing in this case would have been to present them in a different place which you are living, so that the dogs do not feel such a threat, the territorial. Certainly it is that they are animals, they have instinct, and if they detect that what they have in front is a human, it also detected your drop of affection towards them. This causes a rejection of the newcomer and therefore all of those situations you mention. The theory of "be the leader" I do not understand exactly what you mean. A "leader" or "alpha" in the world, perruno, is a mode of being, not a theory. The mother is not because they receive more affection for be the greatest, all must be alike. Try spending time with them, the baby will share moments with them, that they feel that has come someone more to the herd, and that therefore there will be more fun! Let your dog smell the baby, examine it and know it. Allow yourself, even being a difficult time with your dogs, give them a good return and download their energy. Gradually getting used to the newcomer, and even want to sleep next to! Don't get discouraged and cuidalos as if they were one of the family! They need to be in herd, and in addition they need to know that they are accepted by the same. Good luck and I hope that you may be a great family!


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