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400m Race Preparation

I would like to know if anyone can advise me, I have to prepare for a 400 meter race in less than 1 "30 (a minute and a half). I have a tape at home and I do about three or four days a week, about an hour Every day of tape, at a slow pace and sometimes I start to run a few minutes.I tried to do the 400m and it takes about 2 minutes and it costs me a lot, I lack bottom and speed.If anyone can prepare me to get the test.


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The first thing you need is coeger something in the background. No need to spend a lot of time, but you have to start running at intervals, according to your ability. Run one minute, walk two, and depending on your feelings, sees increasing race times. When you have something in the background (let's say you can run 15-20min in a row, it starts to do different sessions. One day you run slowly, those 15-20 minutes, and the other beam series. Start with short distances, 4 sets of 50 meters almost at the top, resting at least 2-3 minutes between series and series. As well, you will improve quickly, much better than just running those 400m to practice


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