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How to increase muscle mass with swimming, some gym and dietary supplements?

I would like to know how to increase the mass of the muscle without giving up my 4 days of swimming. I measure 178 cm, weight 65 kilos and I am 38 years old. From about 4 years ago I swim an average of 4 days a week for 45 min. And from the last 6 months I have increased the intensity of the exercise and I am swimming 100 lengths daily for 4 days in a swimming pool of 25 m, that is about 2500m in an average of 45 min, always style crawl. On the other hand, since 3 months I am going to the gym to only do abs two days a week (an average of 450 crunches daily in those two days). Despite being thin and a bit defined, I don't end up burning the fat that I have on the abdomen and for that reason I'm starting to take L-Carnitine. On the other hand, I consider that I eat well, including lots of vegetables, very little meat, 3 pieces of fruit a day, light dinner (salad and soup), and always in the lunch dessert taking light yogurt, cereal, and banana. In the end, which even though it is not a diet but as a varied, yes, just taking meat. MY question is if, with taking L-Carnitine, increasing the days of swimming (5), the length (120 long instead of 100) and still go to the gym for 2 days a week and start taking protein powder I noticed considerable changes in my body in the short term. Is that, by increasing the days of gym could increase muscle mass, but do not want to forego swimming for being aerobic, and by that which comes to me very well for my back problems


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You do not have to leave the swimming to get a little down more abdominal fat, what I advise is that you modify a little your type of training in swimming to impose resistors new to your body and see how it responds to workouts of intervals or high-intensity the famous Hiit. In addition, the abdominal exercises are very important to further develop your abdomen and that is perceived to feel less fat, so if I point out to you, that if you exercise 2 times a week intensifiques the degree of congestion that can get in the workouts, not your workouts by quantity if not by quality of the same. The exercising abdominals does not only consists in executing the exercises, you have to try congestionarlos, tighten them, control them with exercises diaphragmatic and ensure that when you're done training them, notes that they have worked very well. I advise you to take 3 days of rest until you come back to train them, so they will have good recovery time. Another thing, people forget that working other areas how the lumbar and the buttocks, forces the skin to reshape by the increase of these muscles and the excess fat is distributed more in different areas, not only in a concrete. Another help to the abdomen is to avoid salt and increase potassium intake so that the skin gets thinner and has less liquid retention. And if now you are going to take proteins, remember to buy a whey protein isolate and make 1 or two shots per day: usually when you wake up and 15 min after training, both with a simple carbohydrate to its better assimilation. Regarding the L-carnitine, always take it 30 min before you do aerobic exercise, and choose an l-carnitine that take hill. There are two brands that I like a lot of carnitines, a is the carnilen 2.0 MTX and the other is the Carnitine 2000 of Beverly other than that you take green tea extract and taurine. There is another if I recall it is hypertrophy that has the same composition. With all these things to keep in mind sure that you're getting results quickly.


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