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How can I improve the work space and the office?

I want my workers to feel comfortable and work up to taste, of course since with this I hope that will be more efficient and work much better.


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The physical conditions of the offices directly affect the state of motivational of people, consider that there are thousands of people who belong to the boomer generation who are still willing to stay full days in their offices, which makes them to spend more time there than in their homes. Then I will tell you some items to consider for your employees in the office. **Lighting is key** The spaces are a physical environment that influences the well-being of the people, that is why among the items that you must have an office are; lighting, exterior views, neutral colors, office furniture ergonomics to prevent physical and emotional problems. **Spaces of green work** Means of bringing natural elements such as gardens, aquariums and others that in addition to contributing to the innovative design of office and convert it into biolificas, will reflect that your company is versatile; the goal of having an office biolifica is that it helps to decrease the levels of stress in workers and contributes to the cognitive stimulation. [**Design of work space**](http://www.3buro.mx/blog/trabajo-en-las-empresas/) Designing or redesigning the workplace, it is essential to provide access and mobility correct the staff or the people who are visiting. There are essential aspects to take care to create a space that is most productive: **Adaptation** Any space that we have in the offices, by tiny it may seem, can be well-used, but ensure that the elements meet the needs of space, comfort, design and mobility. The ergonomic furniture are the first option, they are specially designed to provide the correct height for the head, arms, elbows, shoulders, back, knees and legs. **Handling** It is intended that the body movements are natural with the aim of achieving the harmony of the positions, strength, and body movements. The working space available to perform a task, you must allow the worker to adopt different working postures; the space should favour mobility. On the other hand, it seeks to maintain an upright posture and avoid the annoying, awkward postures, and asymmetrical.


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