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How to install packages on linux, wifislax 4.6?

First I am nothing almost zero in terms of linux, I am running on one machine virtual wifislax 4.6 live, and I need to install the following packages: Php5-cgi Hostapd trying to install them with the command "apt-get" I worked not placeable command, already that I discovered that in this version, the command is "slapt-get-i hostapd" but that did not find package hostapd and php5-cgi I need to help me as you can install them and if I have to do it manually.


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Verify that the this correct direction in the /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc has to be so; SOURCE = [http://slackware.osuosl.org/slackware-12.1/] (http://slackware.osuosl.org/slackware-12.1/) SOURCE = [http://software.jaos.org/slackpacks/12.1/] (http://software.jaos.org/slackpacks/12.1/) finally would make him a slapt-get - update


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