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How to choose sanitary ware roca dama senso or gala smart?

I want to put a few anitarios new go stuck to the wall and I'm in doubt between dama senso of rock, I have understood that the drain is small and gives some problems as well as that the drop is not completely vertical and will stain a lot.. they Also say that rock is wrong.. On the other part the smart gala is not that such a result even if I made back the cap seems to be pvc, and if not yellow or stain.. do Do you know opinions? Do you have any other health that is?


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Within the range you mention I would recommend the model Rock Meridian. It is modern, simple, has a good price and gives very good results. Having a few nooks and crannies it is easy to clean and with the optimum maintenance. [http://www.roca.es/catalogo/colecciones/colecciones-bano/meridian-066-14.0210/inodoro-porcelana-adosado-pared-salida-dual-342248..0](http://www.roca.es/catalogo/colecciones/colecciones-bano/meridian-066-14.0210/inodoro-porcelana-adosado-pared-salida-dual-342248..0)


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Without a doubt I gala would not put anything. The inner workings are, in my opinion worse. I am a mason and I have put many.


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