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Buy the business to my boss

For health issues, my boss wants to sell the business and has asked me if I'm interested. We are two workers and the boss, the case is that interests me, that he close the company, I'm not interested in buying shares of your company because you have debts and don't want to stay with the other worker. I suppose that we could dismiss (always coming to an agreement with another worker) and then I would create a SL with a friend and we would buy the activity and open it again in the same place. What type of operation would be? Do a transfer? Do you have to pay VAT? Does this Vat might be deducted later? How do you rate in this case, the buying activity? This company bills on 240.000€/year (without VAT). I would be interested to apply for the unemployment capitalization but only for the contributions of self-employed, is it possible for me to refuse because they consider that it is a succession of a company?


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I am not of your location but however the best thing would be that your boss lleguye to a agree with you the fire and closed the business as such. After you buy local you build your company and put to work in the local. After all you are interested in the local to your function and the business in your name, not pay their bills and have your debts. If that is possible to do as you say because you play to find that out with a lawyer of your country. However here where I live always have echo's as well.


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