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How socializing with a group of people if you don't know anyone?

What I intend with this question is to know how to socialize with one or several people if you do not know anyone, let me explain; I am one of those who considered the society as the "zero friends" since they do not possess the skills and characteristics to fit the personality of other people, that is to say, I do not like the nightclubs or bars, or events where drinking or smoking is the main way to socialize, I am zero alcohol and zero tobacco, I have very different interests to the people around me and I feel that I am not a human being full, that is to say, that the traditions or customs, current among people of my age doesn't look to me for anything, I do not like them and, in short, is not how to treat people with personality and behavior different from mine. Is that the differences make the difference -excuse the redundancy, but if one wants to be accepted in a group of people, they should at least have a quality equal to other people to be accepted in the circle of friends; on the other hand, my intention with this inquiry is that it makes me strange to get close to one or several persons to talk with, not how to do it, not just come and say "Hello, that such, my name is..." if it is a group in which there is a stable connection as to formalize a friendship with her, that is to say, it is not part of the study or work, then... actually, I like to socialize in where they study or where to work but to unknown people in a place makes me feel strange and also, not to talk to you in those cases. Another point noted here is that I have recommended to socialize to find a partner, a girl of the same personality as mine but How do I do this? Basically since specify because I don't like going to crowded places such as nightclubs or bars; when I go out, I dont who goes or who comes, I to what I will and return to my home, never noticed if a girl or girls look at me because they seemed attractive, I don't notice if someone you know that I saw but not saw him, if I find someone well known, do not speak, and even worse if it is accompanied, do not give him so much importance, I say goodbye and I continue my way; I'm not unfriendly or a lot less anti-social, I like to socialize when the reason it deserves, but all of a sudden, I got closer to a group of people is where to be for talking, I find it very strange and very atypical for my way of being. Not that recommendations I can give, on the other hand, I can suggest that you go out with classmates, but the issue here is that I do not see them for a long time, since I did not live in my country but in another and just a few months I'm here again, I don't know anyone and I'm always in my house watching videos or typing this type of questions, whether here in TodoExpertos or in EllasSaben, in addition, I am trying to find a job to occupy my time to work and earn money and prestige but still can not get it to call me for an interview or there's basically no availability of staff; I am like the saying "Between the sword and the wall"; I like to be alone, at home, and only of my company but I want to have a girl as girlfriend to wake me up and in a certain way, have fun with it, but if I am not able to socialize with any, I find it very strange this. In advance, I thank you for your answers, I will try to analyse their suggestions as best as possible and I hope that you have a viable solution with my way of being and living!


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I don't know which activities you do in your daily life. If you're not usually at bars or nightclubs, and in addition you don't like it, I guess that anger to other places. Here's an example: I met my partner in a course of computer analysis. I am of the opinion that the search of a partner is not something that can be forced, and the search of friends I am of the opinion something similar. When you get to a city for the first time and don't know anyone, it is usual not to address to anyone for meeting him. Are things that emerge from spontaneous, you're going to get to know the city, you sign up to a workshop, you're going to a guided tour, you're going to a concert, and naturally entablas a conversation, even contact with an association or group on the Internet, that well used it is a great tool. I don't see your severe case because you say that you find yourself at ease in solitude and don't have a problem. In addition to these focused on the job search, and I see that you have your head well furnished. Friendship and love will emerge in a natural way and without having to change your tastes or hobbies.


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