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City it is recommended to visit 2 days available; Berlin or Amsterdam?

My boyfriend and I (27 and 25 years) we are planning a trip to Europe in March or may, but we have to eliminate some cities trip that will not give us time. We have 2 days and a half available and do not know if better go to Amsterdam and if given time witches or better to Berlin. For people who have already visited these places what do you recommend?


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The truth is that in both Amsterdam and Berlin have a lot to do. To my what I like about Berlin is the history of the city, the only problem is that in order to visit museums and history sites are not very close to each other (not very far). From my point of view in Amsterdam, the tourist sites are closer to each other, which perhaps allows you to visit more things in less time. Personally I think that with so little time spread out over Amsterdam, although I love Berlin :)


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