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A mestizo who does not get along with other dogs

I have a mestizo of 1 year I found abandoned 5 months ago. Since we take it this very feli at home and gets along well with the family. The problem is that when I take a walk gets along badly with other dogs: any dog approaches (whether male or female) him he starts to bark and sometimes mordee and I have to cojermelo and take it loaded. Please if anyone can help me that you socialize with other dogs, I would be very grateful.


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To make your pet to socialize with other is not a very complicated issue. First you need to make her happy, a pet happy and friendly starts with you. 1.-Do not expose your dog to a negative experience. A dog fight in the park, he begins to fear other dogs and may become aggressive. 2nd.-Not tolerate aggressive attitudes towards the human . 3rd .-Rascales for 15 minutes the head, sobale the legs and on the stomach if it shows a reaction favourably continues to do so and talk with a soft voice and tender. 4th.-When you borrow your pet to strangers, let him know the rules of socialization. 5th.-To socialize your dog with other animals, you first introduce him to the scent or essence of the other animal **.** Dale a towel, blanket or any other thing that the little creature has slept or played.


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