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My dog ​​gasps, shakes and falls when walking

A week ago my dog breed poodle medium ( almost 2 years ) started to shake a paw (a front) this makes him tremble (we think it was for the cold) all over the body in addition to once in a while it falls when walking through the nights pants we're giving (we ordered the veterinary) MELOTONINA, DERMISOLONA AND ETROTEC. But it's still the same I worry a lot and it makes me very nervous to hear him gasp for air at night makes normal and always eats it in when it is a good thing (you don't like the dog food so that is what we try to give you with a bit of pate or with bits of meat there eat) not vomiting or has a cough dog as you say sometimes it comes out to bark but when the night pants have the dry nose, I've also seen that this restless when trying to sleep pants moves derrepente tries to stand and falls forward (for your leg you can't say well) because it is all that could inform them.


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Dogs are carnivores and to be healthy and energetic they need to eat raw food (meat, egg yolk, cheese without salt, some liver ...). It has an infection, there are natural substances that eliminate infections: coconut oil, negative pole of a magnet, chlorine dioxide, ozone, infused olive leaf, colloidal silver ... More info in libro [sensacionex.net/100-Books Of-Health-in-1.pdf] (sensacionex.net/100-Books-of- Health-en.pdf)


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