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What heading for business telephony? And doubts about REBU.

After having been last week in the treasury, to expose my doubt, I was recommended to get with the, 653.2, and also in modules (without any obligation to submit vat) but I had applied for a certificate of reseller,(vat should be declared ) and I hated the two things, I went to counseling and they told me they do not see anything compatible that and that that section was not ideal, nor recommended for me to be in modules. But in the general scheme What section do you recommend? I will sell mobile tablets new to private individuals and in some cases at shops. And in addition I want to purchase sale of used mobile, what should I do? As I declare these purchases and the. What about vat on sales? Can you post the used and new apart? Sorry I'm a bit lost, but tomorrow I'm going to the treasury, and I want to get a good start.


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First recommend you put in the hands of an expert that will help you with your case. Indeed, we believe as his Adviser, which is not compatible to be in modules with the reseller... And to be in modules, should have a physical store, trade at the retail... In addition, if you buy and sell second-hand products, you will need to register in the REBU.


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