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How does a transfer of bar?

My friend and I set ourselves to take a transfer of a bar, I'd like to know which is the best way to legal to associate us (we're 2), would also would like to know if purchasing a transfer I am buying the business that there are mounted or only the right to lease the premises and stay with the maquinaia? We are a bit lost.


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The autonomous communities have subsidies for investment, and if you also decide to form a company of social economy (labour society, cooperative) these subsidies tend to be most interesting, so I also recommend you that you put in the hands of a good adviser who will explain the options you have.


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The first thing to recommend is put in the hands of an expert who will help you with your specific case. You have to study a lot of issues before deciding the legal form and the contract in particular the "sweep". Even studying the lease that there are currently. In the bars it is very common to be in "modules" therefore, in many cases, it constitutes a community of goods As a general rule, you "purchase" a unit of business, with the machinery and furniture, the goodwill, the transfer of the licenses and the subrogation in the lease. But what is important is that specified in the contract.


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