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My 1 month and 1 week husky vomits

I have a husky of 1 month and 2 weeks. I just got this in, the first day I gave him carnitas puppy pedigree but along with water, then regurgito, and that day happened 3 times because I didn't know because it was, then the next day I assumed that it was because it was filling up with more and I gave him first the carnitas and 2 hours after the water, so it was all good, then the 3rd day I started to combine carnitas, pedigree and dog show and a 10-15 croquetitas puppy, everything was going well also, no longer regurgito, only once but it was taking a lot of water(there had already been 2 hours that you ate) then today I gave him his breakfast at 6 am, the same croquettes with carnitas, of both brands(I gave him normal or a little more) and at 8 am I gave him water, everything good up there but the 10-11 was asleep and derrepente wakes up and vomits as 1/4 or 1/2 of the food, after they take it and like 10 minutes later he came back to vomiting but little more(I don't know if it is regurgitation as well, but vomit the food the entire board as well in the form of popo) and then went back to vomiting but not shot, and she went back to eating. The dog ate too fast, but as the days went by he was lowering her speed in eating while still eating fast. Take care of your help because I'm afraid, I had a husky with megaesofago, suffered greatly throughout his life although it was the same happy and not quieor that this will happen(he died a year and a half, they are not family). Has not been vaccinated since it's small


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Visit a vet if it was the beginning of parvovirus, you should not have taken a puppy under 7 weeks and above you give a food that is rubbish, maybe allergic, I do not know where you are but I do not des canine royal if you says el vete, at perros.com they can help you better.


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Vomits for the processed food is junk. Dogs and cats are carnivores and to stay healthy and with the energy they need to eat raw food (meat, egg yolk, cheese without salt...). And don't give them milk [http://www.dsalud.com/reportaje/es-la-leche-animal-adecuada-para-el-consumo-humano](http://www.dsalud.com/reportaje/es-la-leche-animal-adecuada-para-el-consumo-humano) To keep a dog healthy look at the page 64 of [http://sensacionex.net/100-Libros-de-Salud-en-1.pdf](http://sensacionex.net/100-Libros-de-Salud-en-1.pdf)


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