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How functional is glutamine and what benefits and consequences it has

I'm 17 years old and I have thought of consuming the glutamine to improve and evolve faster, and I would like to know how good it is


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I give an opinion, but you are free to choose another that you like, or discard the one that you want, even this. Never recommend taking anything, or vitamins, or supplement unless a qualified professional recommends it, in that case, it is not an exception, that aminoacio synthesizes the body, it is not essential, however In some specific cases, the physician may indicate that they take, but take by take, I do not advise, neither this nor anything, but you choose to do. If you guides for everything you are, everything you say, all the propaganda will be thousands of products, the majority, not the need for security.


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There is enough scientific evidence to show that the L-glutamine has no benefit in the field of sport. His only contribution is to the immune system...


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