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Why does my female dog Shar pei does not accept the male?

I've been five years with is trying to cross it because it makes me very excited to have puppies, but she does not agree to any male. In fact, until now I have liked two, but none has experience. In one of the earlier attempts a male attempt to attack it, it began to goad and almost bite. None of the males that you like have done nothing, don't know why, perhaps they were not in heat? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Or perhaps I'm wrong in the account period? But during his periodoservicios of acceptance have attracted him to the male submissive, I do not know why, but with them nothing happens. Yesterday try to take her to see a male with experience and the or well the saw began to bark, and they exult so much, she wanted nothing and got the tail in and sat down. The mohammedan attempt to attack it. Really still has not passed the zeal, but do not know how to make it work because I want at least once to have puppies, before castrarla. I would like to know what is your advice. The insemination it is very expensive in Argentina. And I don't have the money. I need sun help. From already thank you very much


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First, consider the puppies that you might have and the problem on how to place them. Bitches do not need to get pregnant to after castrarlas. Perhaps it depends on if the bitch is in heat but it also happens that they do not accept any dog - great lesson for those who think that if they are animals walk with anyone-. There are studies on dogs and bitches that are accepted others as friends dogs and then not accept them as couples, and vice versa.


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