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As giving low-accident insurance adeslas hired by la Caixa

My mother hired a insurance of accidents of the Caixa, she is an elderly lady of 67 years with a visual disability of 83%, in summary she did not know what he was signing. We are discounting 180 euros per month, this is totally incompatible with your economy, if someone can tell me how to unsubscribe and get your money back I would appreciate it. Gives Me a lot of rage that is taking advantage of seniors by offering insurance that does not come close to what is described in the paper that she signed and that take full advantage of the illusion that they have not to give problems to their children before the face of adversity. I very much appreciate the answers to be able to close this topic. As extra information I have to say that I also sneaked in a dental insurance that she did not ask for, in order.


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The first thing you should check is that collateral is contracted, because if you have an Utter Inability to not should have insured for Disability (Total and/or Absolute)... if you have done so you can claim the premiums paid, since it is a guarantee that there could never be charged. On the other hand, give low is very simple, your mother to sign a letter of cancellation and send it to the bank... so easy. If there is still a lot for the expiration you can try to notify the ombudsman of the insured of La Caixa and present the case, arguing that it has made a security to a person who has been misled, as I didn't know what he was signing and that you can not do in front of that monthly premium.


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