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Following the death of A.P.

I would like to know about any animated video that talk about the experience of having lost your first newborn child. Charge my son for 9 months I dreamed in seeing it grow as many other mothers, many times when you see your clothes imagined him with it on now only the clothes but the not; I could not extrenarsela. Today in your room I'm sat watching a cradle with a beautiful baby boy watching a life shared with him what I see taking him to school, I see him playing on the carpet, toys all over the house, I ran to get dad from his work when I get home, I hear cries, I hear a little sweet voice saying MOM. I see a life that was planned, but to pass the time all I see is a cradle empty, a clean carpet without a single toy thrown in, without a life of school, and a father with the arms fallen and heartbroken for your child that both deseeo not getting glad to get work, and a mother suffering when we see a cradle empty, an empty belly about open arms waiting to hug that little ángelito a few deaf ears for the crying, ears that never heard give that child to tell MOM, a life of plans and dreams broken incomplete that their baby died to-day of born, a life where you will see that child in everything you do but in the end will only be dreams because the reality is harder than the illusion. So I just wanted to hear him say mom.


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This can help you: [http://www.eraenabril.org/2013/11/videoteca-peliculas-sobre-el-duelo-por-la-muerte-de-un-hijo/](http://www.eraenabril.org/2013/11/videoteca-peliculas-sobre-el-duelo-por-la-muerte-de-un-hijo/) And I hope and wish so...


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Make a regression by hypnosis that can help you, look at page 53 of [http://sensacionex.net/100-Libros-de-Salud-en-1.pdf](http://sensacionex.net/100-Libros-de-Salud-en-1.pdf)


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