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My mom wants to take me to the gynecologist

Lately I've had a bad odor in my vagina. And my mom has noticed, (I am 14 years old). Well, she told me that you will take me to the gynecologist to know the why, and the problem is what I am not Virgin. Tell your gynecologist? My MOM does not know and I do not want you to know


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By my experience my first appointment with the Gynecologist, I was a Virgin but in no time you commented to me mother if it was or was not a Virgin, oh if you had a relationship or not, the doctor has to limit you to investigate your privacy m, since it is not of your concern. But there is something what maybe if I were to ask you, what you have Already started your sexual life? This question is most often the basis for the clarification of doubts, diseases, problems with the area's great when I went (and I'm still full) I always question, I said that that is not to be morbid, if not for my well-being.


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If your odor is by infection to cure see page 52 of **sensacionex.net/100-Libros-de-Salud-en-1.pdf**


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