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I'm about to enter the gym with the goal of increasing the buttocks legs and help me with a good diet to increase mass mus

I am 29 years old and I am determined to work my body because I'm flat as a table haha. Mido 1,52 and weight 47 kg I Want a diet that will help me increase muscle mass only in your legs and glutes as I am wider than the back hip.


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There is not diet that will increase area, it is a story that's out there, it increases with exercise, there are particular details in the people, who are as well, e.g. very long arms, thick neck, wide chest, that you can't modify(at least for now) but with exercise in those areas that you want to, you can increase the muscles. If you go to the gym and asked a trainer, you see, you evaluate and tell you how to get started .


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