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Do you recommend I do bars or go to the gym if I'm a beginner? I buy this product to make bars (photos)

I have 20 years, and always been lazy to do exercises and sports, I am a beginner at this and my body knows it ; I want to do this to be stronger and have a better body, to see me more manly, etc, I have a doubt if you start doing gym or if you buy a product that is for making bars .In the money to buy the bars is like having 2 months of gym but if I buy it already would be mine. Then I show them the photo of the product ![](//blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/daeca83175596d226accdf33f585190a.png) Believe that you can make the bars if my physical state is zero, I'm new to this, my fear is comprármelo and not being able to do the exercises correctly for my present physical state . Do these exercises bars serve to strengthen arms and more? Help Me with the torso, do abdomen and lower chest? I would change my body from waist up to see me better, how manly? .Or do you think I should go to the gym because I'm new? The product is on sale in my country. What should I do?


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There's always going to be better to go to a gym or buy a few bars... Work with your own weight is well, but produces faster adaptations and if you do not lastras not inducirás an appropriate stimulus to promote muscle hypertrophy. In addition, if you plan to work only the torso... I advance that bad you're going.


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There is a solution practice, if you are only two months the equivalent, it is best that you go to a gym first, step you'll be asked for a check-up doctor, if it is a gym seriously, and then I asked for any class with a trainer well, you see, you assess, and you of the first steps to take, then you'll have time to buy the device, if you want to and not go to the gym, this has more of an advantage : as you would be with more knowledge, and when you compare the gym, you'll be able to see if that device is the that you should, or you should some other.


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