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My father brought a lot of dogs/as and I want to that I clean the grime that make that I do?

The problem is that my father brought 2 bitches and 2 dogs, and one of those bitches that brought makes dirt on all sides because it is a dog, my father gets angry when I don't clean the gunk that the dog makes in my room because when my sister the dog goes in my room and I'm already tired in addition to which in my house happens the bitch of my aunt and a dog that appreciated in my home that is re aggressive, wrong with me, with any unknown, it's horrible to have to endure all that says to me my father if I keep that my little sister bothers me, it challenges me to me is like my mother is like my father is doing these things because I'm rotten in addition to my older sister when he comes home(because she lives apart) he treats me badly because he says not to clean that I don't do that or the other thing what happens is that you stop studying at the 2016 and this 2017 because there was no place in the course that I wanted to now expect that I will be accepted to the high school next year or else I will go to the agricultural school would not be doing my family treats me bad, regardless of study or appear not to


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Try to help at home for more that you do not like and these tired, and don't let your little sister treat you badly asele understand that you're the biggest... bss


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