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Project company childcare concerns several

I'm doing a business project for a shop of articles for children with workshops for parents and children, but I have several doubts. I found a local 86 meters that do not need to reform, by 650€/month. (3 months deposit) The furniture of the store is going to be natural pine, so it's pretty cheap, and between that and a computer for case management and we do not reach the 1000€ The workshops are taught an association of natural breeding and feeding free of charge, which has 103 members. The workshops will be of 10/15 people at a cost of 1€ refundable on a purchase in the store. I have offered to make an annual donation of€ 300 to the association. Does this donation is desgrabable 100% truth? The products will be both for decoration of rooms as needs several type of eating utensils, toys type montesori and educational, to the bathroom... The profit margin I have calculated comes out to at least 100% as to be in contact with good suppliers, I can afford this rise. I've done a bit of research, and in the last 5 years, the level of births ranging between 150/200 per year (surprising, but if, in Andalusia it takes to have children) in a municipality 23365 inhabitants. In the municipality there is neither a shop with the same items or the workshops. In fact, we are talking about Cordoba and the nearest, with the same roll, this in Cadiz. My initial investment is going to be 8500 euros with a reserve of€2000 The city council in may 2018 granted an aid of 2400€ a year for rental and up to 600€ per annum for the payment of the fee for the self-employed. With that I think that throwing with the business will be a lot less complicated from there and that's not what I've got in the annual account. Do I need an insurance I you recommend that you choose something in particular? What type of coverages are desirable? I have made a calculation of the first year and is expected to bring in around 35000€, is this figure correct or I missed something? What opinions? I think that is something that you do not have a lot of flooding but will keep quite. (Hopefully they will make a boom and the future will bring the entire province, that that is the intention!) I had thought of making on line store also but I have no idea if that entails a lot more expenses...


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My name is Javier Mateos and they are specialist in e-commerce. If you are interested and have questions from the online shop you can contact with me without problems or compromise, I will try to help you as much as possible. You can visit my website [https://somosecommerce.es] (https://somosecommerce.es/) a greeting and good luck with your project.


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