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How I I behave better to mature and be a man?

I'm having a lot of discussions with my family, sometimes I say things and I'm ridiculous. I need someone to tell me how to improve and be more mature, I do not drogo or take, I have almost no friends, I spend watching doramas. I'm 17 years old and give me 13, but not by my appearance but by my behavior. I want to be a man with seriousness and help my mom, because this alone with my two sisters and me. In addition to not work, but study, I want to give you a hand, but not out of my, is not in my mentality.


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It is difficult to grow up all at once, each person has a different process. I propose that des small steps. For example, encargate always a task, general cleaning on Saturdays, cleaning the bathroom, cooking a day of the week... Your mother will be highly appreciated. Encargate of your stuff, your room clean, fold and sort your clothes... Study is very important, focus on your studies and planteate what you want to do in the future. With time, you can find a job compatible with your studies and take care of your own expenses. If you are planning to do all these things, little by little, you will complete your process of maturity. At the beginning, it will be difficult to acquire new habits, but it is a matter of will and empathy. If you see your mother very tired, it is logical that you offer your help, as you would like them to do to you.


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I believe that you working with the household chores, (such as ordering your room and do not leave your clothes for all sides, or ejemplohacer errands, or take out the trash). Or not to fight with your sister. Perhaps you argue much because they don't have the same tastes or think different. But you have to try to put in the place of another in order to understand it. It is an example... Perhaps you can begin to ask your MOM if you need something, not be... Luck and greetings!


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You condoned much when guy?


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