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Should I take over the workshop of repair?

Before that nothing thank you for the help, I don't know what to do. It turns out that a week ago I jumped the message of "make check" engine just as the car gave me a jerk and lost power. Automatically I stopped the car and the crane took him to the official home Fiat. I was told that the diagnosis was a failure of a temperature sensor and gave my authorization to order the part and fix it. Well, it turns out that in a week I'm going to see the car and the manager told me that there had arisen a problem that when you changed the temperature sensor, the mechanic took it out to test and it blew the filter of particles (DPF) and as a consequence, they burnt down the covers and crankcase some of the tubes of the air conditioning. Total they told me they were going to give me budget and see if they could apply some descuentillo because it was very expensive, a total of 2600 euros. My question is, should they have to take charge of your happened with the particulate filter? Is that crep that I should only pay the temperature sensor, that was what they told me I had failed, because of the filter happened to them while it handled and drove on the road.


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You averíe the car to the mechanic is something that is not premeditated, we're going to you would have happened to you. Another thing would be to leave him without oil, without water, give him a blow, etc,...


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It is a very bad habit of many consecionarias and some mechanical to test the car... now if it is gearbox, brakes, clutch"... but a temperature sensor???.. with just the engine running, let it heat up turn on the elec.fans', look if there is loss of coolant, scan the ecu to see the values of progress"and fuel... would think that would be fine!... but if he came out and he averío the car(in your case)... would not pay under any point of view'... the owner has to prove the car..(here it is frowned upon to test the cars except the comment above)... it was just a fault".. and if it had hit someone?.. if you get a ticket?...(we fix that we also could have passed to you?).. your car... your responsibility!!!..


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