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How to make a trip to Portugal from Venezuela?

I am a Venezuelan is the only nationality that I have, I would like to make a trip to Portugal I will stay in the home of a friend, but I have investigated that to be able to enter as a tourist to Portugal do I need a medical insurance of 30mil euros international and an account with 4mil euros to support 3 months of tourist there, but I do not have 34mil euros and is an amount that seems excessive, does anyone do this in or has been in the same condition that I know if I really ask for these requirements to enter the country?


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The insurance that you demand of 30,000 euros, don't require the 30,000 euros but the insurance to have that coverage. To be a country of origin outside the European Union, as is your case Venezuela need all these requirements. Here's a link with all the information, I hope help you: [http://www.visadoschengen.com/requisitos/requisitosportugal.php](http://www.visadoschengen.com/requisitos/requisitosportugal.php)


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