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Profit margin of shop childcare

I'm opening a shop of baby items, strollers, pushchairs, highchairs cots... And commercial I don't want to give the cost price to not see that I have the local. What is the profit margin and how much you would earn between the cost price and the sale?


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If it's any help, I know of several companies that sell childcare products, such as Peg Perego, and Moltó, the first has toys for the kids, and shopping carts and high chairs. The second has mainly toys help to children, for very young children. The commercial margins are 30%. We also know PEKECARS, which is dedicated to the sale of electric cars for kids with remote control, which many parents want for their child when it is very small, since they control them, and help them grow more awake, and offered discounts between 25% and 30%.


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