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Prefer traveling by plane or train that

I've been thinking of leaving a time of my country, not for anything in special, it's just that it seemed to me to know another new place, and I think that for the end of the month I will have a money (considerable) more. I am colombian and my country has the benefit of Schengen, so you will only buy the tickets and I would well. But I don't want to be the typical stay in Madrid in a hotel and walk around. I would like to take a train and visit a number of cities, as well as getting and choosing a destination and getting down there and rent something for a night get to know it well the next day and leave fast. I would like to know about a plan or package that can offer this, for there I was seeing one, but it was in France. Do not lose hope that it can be in Spain. It is worth clarifying that I have never gone to Spain and that I would not want to do so without having the security that at least I'll be fine. I know that it is very risky to go on my own (I say that because I could miss or things like that), perhaps after you get to know it go myself, but for now I prefer that someone I am a guide and have the accommodation ready and the sites and the cities. The only thing I wish, is that it is in train. Does not stop recommend me any issue.


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You can see the offers for young people of interrail, [https://www.interrail.eu/es/pases-interrail/one-country-pass/espana](https://www.interrail.eu/es/pases-interrail/one-country-pass/espana) Also serves to the rest of Europe [https://www.interrail.eu/es](https://www.interrail.eu/es)


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Here in Spain we have a very good railway communications. Via the AVE, which is the high-speed train you can move through different sites of Spain and, in very little time. So that you indicate **have a considerable money**, the BIRD may seem a little expensive, but for the service it offers, I do not think it is expensive. You can organize different routes for example, to go from Madrid to Barcelona in just two hours. Madrid Valencia also very little time, I think it was 1.50 minutes. Madrid, Seville and Madrid, Malaga, also the time is very little, for the journey is performed. You can organize a point of origin and return on the same day and or go chaining sites. I if you want to travel by train I recommend the AVE.


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