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Important questions about acquisition of 50% of a bar.

Makes it specifically a month I acquired 50% of the exploitation rights, and belongings of a bar. Document signed by the other partner and I in counseling. The document is clear, I have to pay 1000€ for the first month of entry and€ 500 monthly fee up to 8000€. Reaches the problem; I pay my thousand euros of the first month, agreed, and made an investment to set-up, establishment of 900€. They start more problems, my partner invests in the you feel like it, spending what to the you feel like it, not signing a S. L and leads in opening the new bar with license of his former bar (it was the owner of the previous), the bar to its name, the choose a waitress, you choose to pay the waitress... ALL of it. Now after what subrealista of a week, I ask that all expenses and profits go to socks (when I I had already discarded, and the leading by the box and by controlling the money a week.


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The text of your query will not appreciate that type of contract signed in the advice. This information is relevant. If you tried a constitution of a community by 50%, in the same may come to mirror that of any of the partners can be attributed to the representation of the same, and therefore the actions that can make the other party (waitress, expenses), as yours would be correct. I understand that in reality the 8,000 Euros would be more like 50% payment of the goods and rights that constitute the bar, and that has been broken down to an entrance fee and varying monthly fees. The license of opening typically have a cost in money and time, so that the transfer of the license from the previous to the current one, is something that is often done, since it saves costs. Until here all correct, but what seems clear is that the reasons of the dispute does not cease to be popular, to have considered at the time of writing the contract, because as I see now, your partner is still acting as if the business were yours and you the person you are going to provide an economic amount to the same, financiándolo in any way. My best advice is that you review the contract, you feel to talk with your partner about everything you expose yourself, and if you don't see clear the way in which it operates, that rescindas the contract with the lowest cost possible and put land of by means, because bad start.


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