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How much power more gotta put you more at a power plant to take into account the peaks of boot?

I am calculating the power of a power plant but not is much more power electric have to place to take into account the peaks of boot.


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It all depends on the power of the Plant. Normally the Distributors supply the required Power on the basis of the nominal characteristics of the motors ( if that's you mean). Or is the calculation made on the basis of nominal values of power will be sufficient. The peaks of start-up are absorbed by the power grid. In the case of power generators ( in which the power does not spare), adjust the power of the group ( KVA) according to the number and power of engines that is intended to boot. The coefficients of adjustment are given by the manufacturers of the different groups.


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You must consider that at boot time all engines consume between 5 and 7 times the work In. After this time the consumption stabilizes. It is based on these numbers you can do your calculations. Greetings, successes, and please your orders always ends and rate this answer if it is that you don't have any other doubt or question.


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