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I drop the perimeter wall of brick

The wall of the perimeter fencing, a foot of brick and the footing zapata corrida, is falling. Is cracked everywhere and the issue is that the field inside, say, my garden, is an upper bound to the ground outside, that is to say, it is land filled. Another issue added to the problem to which I refer is that the swimming pool got quite close to the wall in question. On the inside, we have a concrete floor printed, flower boxes etc... I Understand that when you go adding weight in the interior, the wall has slowly been giving up by not having more than the foundation that I mention, any kind of tied to the ground. It is also possible that you've filtered some water from the swimming pool as we have had some leaks... The ground is clay if that helps. The solution which we had thought was a break in the interior of the plot the soil, dig parallel to the wall (for frame spacing) and build a wall alternate in a L shape, so that wall stop to have efforts that push for that in the end they end up falling. But of course, in the pool, which measures approximately 7.7 metres parallel to the wall at a distance of about 80 cm approx, you can't do this... You can not do anything on the outside because the rules of the city council, prevents... If someone could help me or give some idea. The key also is to lower the costs because the ideal solution would be to pull the wall and re-do of homigón... But of course...


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If this cracked, you will have to pull if or if. But to the concrete wall, you'd have to isolate it for moisture (I guess that of brick do not have) do some michinales, for excess water out for them and not push the wall (do not think that you you do)


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The work carried out by bataches in principle is more expensive, the option of shooting and to get back can be to compensate him, is a matter of asking budgets. In terms of the area of the pool, everything depends on the constructive system, but if it is an gunitada pool can drain the pool and remove the lands in order to be able to make the wall with his shoe.


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