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If you would like to submit an economic study of profitability and return on investment?

A few weeks ago I received a proposal on the sale of a small hotel, with 32 Rooms 2.500.000€, and do not have the capital to get me the property I need to apply for a loan from a private investor. The question is not how to make a report on the profitability and ROI for presentation to an entity or investor. In the papers of the Hotel consists that they are average, 60 - 80€ /night minimum depending on season 32 rooms 200 nights as a minimum. (Although for the area and other establishments is closer to the 300 nights of occupancy). Minimal expenses 7 employees with salaries between 900 and 1500€ ( not including pro rata of pay the extra or social Security) Contracts of tour-operators hovering between 5 and 30%, although on average according to can be 17-18% of the total reserves, according to manager. Supplies services and other expenses of 650 € a month approx. Commercial costs 150€ a month approx. Expenses for external services 120€ a month approx. Other expenses; behold here a departure for other possible expenses like the repairs, as well as other expenses not included in the above items (taxes, insurance, Etc.) the estimated amount is 3,000€ per year so your monthly amount will be€ 250 per month. I guess that with these data it could obtain an estimate of the profitability of the business and how many years can I depreciate the capital of the initial investment. I have searched if there is a calculator in excel or another format where we can give shape to this proposal to make a presentation appealing to propose to investor capitalist. Or at least where I can get some example which serves me as a draft. Receive a cordial greeting and


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On the link, you have several examples to search and download [https://www.milejemplos.com/empresa/ejemplo-de-plan-de-viabilidad.html] (https://www.milejemplos.com/empresa/ejemplo-de-plan-de-viabilidad.html)


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