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Offences with imprisonment

I have committed several crimes of which I have reported 1 falsifying the signature of my ex to change schools for our son of which there is an expert calligraphic says that it is false and that has been done by my and this document has been presented at the custody trial so I think it would be fraud procedural 2 falsifying the signature of my ex 2 times for empadronarlo in the year 2014 and another in 2015, which according to common friends I denouncing 3 falsique the signature of my ex in a contract in the ecac to take a course which the payment was made for its account at the bank that I think if I recall you only made a payment and after gave order not to pay more than that I think that I also denounce All this aside I did wrong by doing your signature I denouncing for revenge for putting me in prison to stay with our children. What that I am facing? What would be in prison? I'm scared


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The crime of forgery in private document is punishable from 6 months to 2 years in prison. If the penalty imposed on him is less than two years and you don't have a history, probably the sentence will be suspended


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Yours are classifying crimes, waits for that is the Prosecutor who establish them and ask for the penalty, and waiting to judge you condemn or court-martial you while both go looking for a lawyer


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