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Sudden death of my hamster

My hamster died yesterday at 2 in the morning and I need to know is that it could have been so when you have another baby-sitting better and also would help me to understand the cause of his death. My hamster would have 3 months and peak, always notice good health, and in the evening I jumped in my room (which was closed) and ran until the wee hours of the morning, yesterday my boyfriend noticed that it had gotten inside of the nylon of the bed, quickly try to pull it out but just came back and stayed down in the bed motionless, call him to come with me and when I was leaving he began to shake and lose it balance, I put it above the bed and there was still balance my boyfriend I leave it on he ground and no longer breathing and he came out blood from the nose and the mouth, this step in less than a minute, before that I saw him running normally, before releasing it I gave him lettuce and he ate Re good, and then leave it in the ground and at dawn he died. What can it be? Did you ate something off the floor? The bottom of the bed had lint. I need please if someone will step something like that and you know, so I can understand finally that caused that, I feel guilty for leaving it alone but I didn't think I was going to pass it on.


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Happened to a hamster that I had, is an infection by put things into their mouths, they tend to keep food in the cheeks or things to make their nest if they will have offspring, should have gotten something that pierced him your Airways and became infected immediately.


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