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I have circulated in direction AM permission prohibited

I was going for a road commuter with a 49cc all-in rule, and in a one way street and when you approach a street to my left, I've wanted to enter, and to realize that it was contradirección, I've moved less than 10 meters, I turned off the bike I am willing to give it a half turn to get it on my face to the highway i continue my path has gone a motorcycle of the police and have me fined 200 euros by a circular in the direction prohibited. Is it worth to go? Do I have any benefit to only be 16 years of age and with permission AM?


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Worth to turn when you have any argument to do so. Are you saying that circulated in the opposite direction, which is a serious violation. I don't see on what basis intended to appeal. In my opinion, your chance to get rid of the penalty had when he was in the presence of the agent. If he could not convince him that this was all an innocent error, of no importance, I don't think you get anything with a resource. In terms of possible "benefit", the age does not influence the penalties, being the highway code the same for everyone.


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