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My puppies have diarrhoea, I les dar.son sausages

![](//blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/a1a19b3a294ac9cfb174cce723b736b0.jpg) ![](//blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/50615bd4526cab141f0d8cef0da60903.jpg) ![](//blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/8caecb1346b8958c47ae3d1ff022e979.jpg) ![](//blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/60b1da1da55f6b84ada8ce91f635fecd.jpg) Since yesterday I realized that I want to eat and just want to be lying there, just have taken you, and has already lost a lot, I have the whole family but only one or two were ugly, there are 9 salchichitas the papa, the mama and 7 babies, this week I thought to take the vaccination but not if it is good as they are, I can tell, attached some pictures.


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If they are with diarrhea is not suitable to get vaccinated, that age have and if you have them de-worming him or if they will already have any vaccines, it would be important to know to give you more information, but it is important that you to take them to review, since they are both with the same symptoms and may be from a parasitic disease to a bacterial or viral disease gastroenteritis, take it to urgent review.


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