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What should I do with neighbor and your new wall without acoustic insulation?

I live in a rented flat that apparently was official protection and the walls are thin, but my next door neighbor has sold the floor and the new buyer has done works and has changed the kitchen and has put it at the side of my bedroom, there is only a low wall as the before-and-over with the taps. You hear everything, the heater, microwave, refrigerator, and sink that is the worst thing, aside from hitting the septum with the room that you are hearing the conversations and I think that echoes and everything. What do I do? Do I ask permissions works? As I reached the faucet making the noise but I don't know if it was a hose or that thing, or if then at the end of the work and took off the noise. I said, let me install that I don't make noise and work all day until 8 in the evening that I arrive. And it turns out that he has rented 3 rooms and there is noise at all hours. Can you ask the town hall? What do I do?


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Go to the Town Hall, see permission and ask the owner to put insulating


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