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My golden dog have no power and staggers

My dog golden 5 years of age do not have the strength to get up .vomits not. Not causes diarrhea. Just did some cacas black that I saw in the courtyard. Do you take it to the vet and they gave me vitamins and minerals .tonic total and pills for parasites . You and licks the two brasitos of forward play with his ball but does not rise .it takes a lot of water and have the anchors and a white tongue and legaña of a single eye .eat food if but little .chicken and meat and today she only ate bread . Yesterday I started giving remedies but no improvement what do I do?


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The best thing you can do is talk to your vet and tell him that you don't see improvement in your dog. Limpiale the crusting with a gauze pad and a little water. Monitors on the entire issue of the color of cacas and then pee, not vomit. I tell you that it is best if you do not see improvement is to speak with your vet and if not, talk or take it to a different one. Lots of luck, hopefully they will improve :)


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