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Is there a video game where enemies accidentally damage other allies in their attacks?

Except for explosions or thrown objects (special Cases, The kamikase Exploder of the series Dead Space, and Minecraft with the skeleton (arrows) and the creeper)! I've noticed that in some, or rather, in the majority of video games where there are various enemies and these to throw their attacks, once in a while we atinan to other enemies, that is to say, they give it to their allies but for some reason that only happens in video games is that these partners do not receive any attack that by accident granted him another of his allies to try to attack us, or rather, the protagonist; the most prominent examples: HellBlade (recent Game), The entire saga of Assassin's Creed, the saga of Dead Space and many others; that it was thought as well for the that only receives the damage is the player and we die of rabies after being the target of all those enemies, but rather, would be more than obvious that an enemy try to attack us, this is a mistake and his attack is received by one of their allies but this part does not receive the attack, he passes on as if nothing and receives no damage. But tell me you know of some games where you spend all of otherwise, if there are many enemies and someone tries to attack us, it fails and gives one of your allies, and they receive the damage that was to us, it would be more realistic this aspect in a game, also it is illogical that this happens, and the enemies or inmuten by the failure of one of them.


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