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If I travel agency of outbound tourism, should associate myself with foreign or national wholesalers I?

I'm from Bolivia and I want to have minpropia travel outbound tourism retailer and I am currently analyzing offerings of business with local wholesalers, but it left wondering if you should also look for possible business with wholesalers International. For example: 1000 temptations or others. What advice can give me in this regard?


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I don't know where to have the headquarters of their agency. In any case, rather than determine if the wholesaler is appropriate to him according to whether or not international; you should consider is to know what type of target is the one who wants to offer preferential. Once given this requirement, you should opt for the wholesaler that best conditions will offer for the same target type. Finally, it is advisable to analyze the approach that you indicated in your query. An international wholesaler, in principle, would have VAT exemption on the commission that deals with the agency. I say in principle because it will depend on the one hand it is a wholesaler community or outside, and in addition, if the final service is understood in the territory of the tax (VAT) or not. In summary, as you can check to know how to choose with what a wholesaler will work, you must analyze several factors. The best option will be the one that we report more profitability as a whole.


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