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Can I make a change in ownership of an open license?

I would like to know how you should proceed to the opening of a café currently working on behalf of another person. The ownership of the license is local to the current tenant, which terminates the rental contract in brief and it seems to be that you don't want to make a change of ownership of the license in the name of the new tenant. In this case, I don't know if the only solution is to request a new license of aperture with the subsequent expenditure of the same, or is there another way to proceed, because I understand that the licenses are assigned to local regardless of whether you go to a person's name, in this case the tenant.


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Licenses are within municipal competence and should you ask directly at your Town Hall, because each one has its own way of operating. There are municipalities where this actually affect the premises in question and owner also figure in the license, but also the tenant does... and others not... In many cases, you will need to apply for a new license, if you are unable to negotiate with the current tenant change of holder, typically paying something...


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