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Does Mazda 3, Hyundai Tucson or Seat Arona?

I'm looking at cars, but I don't understand a lot of cars and under engines, so I ask for help. I look for one gasoline, as I don't do many miles, around 12000 a year, and with vision as we seek to have a family. I like the Mazda, but as I see so many Hyundai and Seat by the street and a few Mazda makes me hesitate, I don't know if it's for price or quality or something happens with that brand. Can you give your opinion?


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The Mazda I don't know, but if I have taken Seat and Hyundai, and they are not bad cars. If you are unsure, a good option is to seek views on the internet of people that have tested these models. In addition I congratulate you for not choosing a diesel engine, because it is more polluting than gasoline. Another advantage of a petrol is that the repairs tend to be less expensive.


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Seat, logically... When you pass the Warranty of Fçabrica... of Seat are you going to find all the parts you need... both New and Second-Hand in the scrapyards.


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